Bound Volumes of the Berean Expositor

The icon below gives access to an alphabetical listing of the articles to be found in the bound volumes of The Berean Expositor, numbered 1 to 54. The list below that gives date ranges and volume sizes.

Occasionally (as for example: Matthew, The gospel according to) the right-hand column, under Volume, shows 55 or 56. This is to show that the series is not complete in the bound volumes. In the case of Matthew, The gospel according to, volume 54 finishes with article No. 37, at Matthew 26:1-28, and there are 4 more articles in the unbound volume 55.

When volume 6 was reprinted, it was bound with either volume 25 or 26. Articles in volume 6 are therefore also shown as occurring in either volume 25 or 26, as well as volume 6. this is indicated by the bold volume numbers 25.06 and 26.06.

The number in a bracket at the end of the title, indicates the number of articles in the series, and the numbers in bold type in the right-hand column indicate the volume (or volumes) in which the articles may be found. Individual volumes are separated by commas, but where a series of articles occupied consecutive volumes, these volumes are separated by a hyphen e.g. 01-04, 08-11. The zero before single digit integers have been added for computational reasons.

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Vol.DateNo. of pages
1- 31909-13273 pages
4- 61914-16372 pages
7- 81917-18380 pages
9-111919-21576 pages
12-141922-24576 pages
15-171925-27576 pages
18-201928-30616 pages
21-231931-33720 pages
24-261934-36820 pages
27-291937-39720 pages
30-321940-44654 pages
33-351945-50724 pages
36-381951-56732 pages
39-411957-62740 pages
42-441963-68720 pages
45-461969-72488 pages
471973-74240 pages
481975-76240 pages
491977-78240 pages
501979-80240 pages
511981-82240 pages
521983-84240 pages
531985-86240 pages
541987-88240 pages